Upcoming Events

Saturday, November 9
Minor Autumn Excursion #2: Journey to Two Local Bakeries
1 p.m. - meet at Pancake House
The Pancake House Minor Autumn Excursion series takes participants on journeys through familiar, mundane, or otherwise ordinary surroundings in hopes of manufacturing a sense of awe.

For part 2 of the series, we will meet at the Pancake House storefront at 1 pm, then make our way to Mel-O-Glaze and A Baker's Wife, then back to Pancake House in one delicious loop. Bring your favorite mobile device and headphone apparatus to listen to an audio tour made specifically for this route.

Saturday, November 23
Yo, sola, con todo mi fuego: a dance by Camille Dozier
7 p.m. at Pancake House
This dance, choreographed for the intimate Pancake House storefront, pushes the boundaries of Latin social dance's assumptions while maintaining the genre’s most recognizable characteristic: passion for the dance itself. It asks: what do we need in order to dance? Could it be that all we need is the smallest space of all: the one that houses the fire inside ourselves?

Camille Dozier is a lifelong student of both plastic and performance arts. The daughter of a ballet dancer and an impressionist painter, Camille grew up studying dance, music, and a variety of two-dimensional and three-dimensional media. In her work, she seeks to understand what makes already established art forms powerful and how playing with their power can create depth, focus, and accessibility in subtle and unexpected ways. As a dancer, her education has included learning salsa, merengue, and bachata from high school classmates on various dance floors in Cali, Colombia, studying dance improvisation with Rebecca Salzer and Margaret Sunghe Paek at Lawrence University, and classes in Senegalese dance at the Baobab Center in Dakar, Senegal. She has staged dances independently as well as in collaboration with other artists. These include contributing to the creation of begin again dance collective's "Break it Down", and choreographing and performing in "An Exploration of Evil", a dark deconstruction of classical ballet's pas de deux, for which she commissioned original music by Stacey Vice. She has also been invited by other artists to perform in their original works, including Margaret Sunghe Paek's "Secondary Surface: Rendered" and Tatyana Tenenbaum's "Thunder". She lives and dances in Chicago.