November 2020 Remote Resident: alyssa denay carter
alyssa denay carter (she/her) is a multidisciplinary weaver and birth worker. Her care work and creative practice are interrelated in their interrogation of life cycles and uphold modes of self-preservation and interdependency. alyssa’s work examines embodiment and performance of intersecting identities through processing and narrative-listening.

She weaves skins to be worn and scattered, exploring the concept of bodies rooted in spaces and places rooted in bodies—inherited cultural memory—joy, resilience, means of self-preservation, ancestral strength and knowledge. alyssa seeks to create new ways of writing and making “history”—including both the present and reflection of our most recent moments and memories.  She is in conversation with her own, and others’, identity and the natural and human-made world around her.

Photo credit: Jules Feeney

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