Letters 2 Lara Croft & Animal Crossing

This event was an evening of contemplation on the latest Lara Croft scholarship and a layperson's lecture on the many genders of Animal Crossing. Featuring real games (via projector) and real talks (via PowerPoint).

Presenter: Sylvia Faichney
Title: "Lara Croft: Desire and the Digital Body"

Sylvia Faichney is a writer, researcher, and bibliophile who has lived in a lot of places but currently resides in St. Paul. Broadly, her interests include the language of space, the muddiness of memory, and representations of class/gender. She enjoys cooking for groups of people and dreams of encouraging critical engagements with art, design, and history.

Presenter: Sophie Durbin
Title: "Lazy, Snooty, Normal, Peppy: The Genders of Animal Crossing"

Sophie Durbin is a multidisciplinary artist based in Minneapolis. She likes to address Place/fabricated worlds through installation, performance, written matter and travel. She gets her best ideas by going on walks and looking out the window on the bus.