Heresy III: Witches’ Flight Score

Witches’ Flight Score

This score can be done either alone or with others.

Before beginning, settle into a space and notice your breath. Take in all the details of the space and ask yourself what do you notice? Spend at least five minutes, intently looking, noticing.

After taking in the space, begin the process of merging. Become one with the space and fully  tap into its energy. To do this, imagine a ball of light, fire, or another bright energetic source. If with a group, imagine the energetic source being in the middle, between you all, something that you collectively can all tap into.

While holding on to this energy, begin to notice each tiny inch of your body, starting with the parts of your body most directly connected with the ground such as your feet or your butt if you’re sitting.

Now, slowly imagine that part of your body, bone by bone or inch by inch, lifting away from the ground. Take your time with this process and don’t move onto the next part of your body until you have lifted the other.

You’ll know if you have lifted the part of the body when you feel light, weightless, and not tense in that area of your body.

Everytime you are distracted from this process, do six quick breaths and begin again.

Keep focused until you feel weightless all over.