Early Art Initiative

The Early Art Initiative will explore art & artifacts of prehistory through 1300 CE in order to activate critical inquiry and inspire new work.

In the era of COVID-19, there is no certainty about when our next physical event will take place. All events will be planned virtually for now.

The initiative will certainly run from May 2020 - December 2020, but may extend. 

Program Components
  • Early Object Slow Looking & Listening Club
    • A virtual opportunity to practice slowing down to closely observe and discuss early art.
  • Temporary Institute of Early/Contemporary Art
    • Artists will be selected to develop new work or participatory programs inspired by art from prehistory - 1300 CE.
    • This exhibition will be held in November 2020 - online or in person, whatever the pandemic dictates.
  • KAKE 87.9 Programming
    • Our neighborhood radio station will regularly broadcast early music and sounds, as well as contemporary artists whose work is in conversation with early soundscapes.